Cash flow? Customers? Costs? Find and solve the real issues

Social housing provider

What the problem looked like: Securing ongoing profitability.

What Compass actually discovered: Customer non-payment; inflated maintenance work costs; lack of payment options and opportunities; customer service issues.

Resolution: Introduced tenant-friendly payment scheme; detailed monitoring of repair quotes and work additions.

Results: Stronger cash-flow, improved loan servicing, improved responsiveness.


Uncover what’s hurting sales

Clothing retailer

What the problem looked like: Range was underselling.

What Compass actually discovered: Poor sourcing was decimating size availability, sales of key products badly hit; store staff not proactive with customers.

Resolution: Revised sourcing and goods receipt processes to ensure size composition became a permanent strategic component of stock management. Store training.

Results: Rapid sales recovery, thanks to increased availability of the styles customers wanted most; attention to store visitors, to convert them to customers.


Costings and process control: unseen extras

Event and display specialist

What the problem looked like: Persistent cashflow shortage.

What Compass actually discovered: Flawed quotes and poor recording of ‘extras’ systematically eroding revenues and margins, and causing costly stock control errors.

Resolution: Per-product coding for accurate quotation and stock control, accessible to relevant system users; rigorous rules and processes for quote creation, checking, signoff, and actioning.

Results: Strengthened revenues and margins, coordinated with cost-effective stock control and new flexibility in both hourly rate and stock item pricing; cashflow issues eliminated.


Useful automation

Producer of household goods

What the problem looked like: Low return on automation investment.

What Compass actually discovered: Automation costs outweighed benefits for some product lines.

Resolution: Identified products for which automation delivered cost-benefit; procured different automation solutions and implemented new processes to maximise benefits.

Results: Operating costs reduced; margins per product increased; commercial focus shifted to balance optimum automation costs with optimum returns.

Every business needs help from time to time.

But there’s a monumental difference between help and advice - and between identifying an apparent problem (which looks like it's money), and solving the real issue (which can be something else entirely). 

This is exactly why Compass was founded, in 2001.

Because whilst considering potential solutions and writing reports from a safe distance has its place, real change needs an insider at the heart of your business.

Someone who can implement a solid solution to the problem rather than just advise on a possible fix for the symptoms – and who stays around to make sure that solution works.  


What does Compass do to benefit your business?

Compass works in the deep end of businesses, alongside the owners, employees, and investors, forensically releasing what’s holding things back, and unlocking what will take things forward.

Compass resolves issues affecting revenues, cash and costs, growth, premises, productivity, structure, specifications, customer satisfaction, and much more. You can expect this to deliver benefits to your business including (but not limited to):  

Business Development Internal Operations Financial
  • Growth in new business
  • Increase in business from existing customers
  • Preparation for sale
  • Complete M & A integration
  • Streamlined and more effective processes
  •  Better work / manufacturing efficiency
  •  Improved stock control and distribution
  •  Waste reduction
  • Increased profits
  • Minimised costs
  • Optimised cash flow and credit control
  •  Achieving the planned margin


Who does Compass help?

Whatever the nature and variety of your business activities, your size, sector, or where your challenges lie, Compass will have helped resolve a similar situation somewhere else – and so can help you too. Compass has helped clients across many different sectors, including, amongst others:

Sectors Sectors Sectors Sectors
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Logistics
  • Housing Associations
  • Recruitment
  • Training
  • IT
  • Packaging
  • Medical
  • Recycling


What makes Compass different?

Compass becomes one of the team, in your team. Hands-on. Doing rather than just telling.

Adapting and going again – day and night if necessary.

Compass feels the pain points, the change, and the success just like you do – by living and breathing the business with you, through every moment and every challenge.

Advice from outsiders is plentiful... delivering change from the inside is what sets Compass apart.