The positive impacts Compass has driven

Across sectors including manufacturing, distribution, retail, entertainment, recruitment, training, IT, medical, recycling and others, Compass has hunted down and removed the barriers to business performance.

Below are just a few examples of the improvements this has delivered to clients’ businesses (view our casebites and case studies here to learn more). 


Profitably increase sales

Increase productivity and output per head

Acquire profitable new customers

Sell a wider product range

Improve customer satisfaction

Supply chain, logistics, stock

Reduce stock wastage by up to 50%

Attain better stock composition

Achieve higher pick & pack rates

Attain higher put-away speed

Reduce distance travelled

Engagement & productivity

Improve teamwork

Enhance communication & engagement

Substantially improve machine utilisation

Deliver accurate costings


Turn negative cash flow to positive

Recover shareholder losses and make profits

Significantly reduce production costs

Boost margins - gross and net

Restore profitability


Define and enforce quality to protect revenues

Textile presentation

What the problem looked like: They didn’t know they had a problem!

What Compass discovered: Technical flaws in textiles affecting operational efficiency, threatening client trust, and creating financial liabilities.

Resolution: Developed and enforced technical specifications and standards at suppliers.

Results: Improved quality; fewer client returns; stronger margins.


Ditch the bags and bag some sales

UK retail group

What the problem looked like: Poor sales in critical pre-Christmas period.

What Compass discovered: Bagged items had poor product visibility in-store; contents damaged or dirtied by static electricity; displays required constant maintenance.

Resolution: Developed hanger-based display method to replace bagged packaging.

Results: Increased sales; reduced packaging costs and plastic consumption; lowered display maintenance overheads; decreased returns of damaged and dirty stock.


From hidden wastage costs to cost-effective sales

Raw materials processor

What the problem looked like: Weak sales margins.

What Compass actually discovered: Poor understanding of true materials wastage and costs, and impacts - labour, machine utilisation, disposal, environmental.

Resolution: Established close collaboration between sales and production to understand the real impact of orders, and reassess viability.

Results: Rigorous sales process established; margins maximised; costs lowered; waste and environmental impact reduced.



Work with the teams to rescue quality – and income!

Own-brand manufacturing, direct to retail

What the problem looked like: Clients refusing payment.

What Compass actually discovered: Poor quality control at both production and warehouse meant shortages - missing and damaged - so customers naturally blocked payments.

Resolution: Worked in situ with production and warehousing teams to implement processes that enabled them to spot shortfalls and quality issues early, and correct them before shipping.

Results: Strengthened income and cashflow, better customer relationships, reduced complaint administration workload.


Understand customers to boost margins

IT services company

What the problem looked like: Cashflow and profitability.

What Compass actually discovered: Poor sales scoping resulted in low-profitability customers, and missed opportunities to maximise margins on hardware and services.

Resolution: Overhauled sales process to scope prospects correctly, identifying and focusing on those that could be mapped to a higher-margin, all-in-one service model

Results: Faster, more profitable conversions; strengthened sales morale; healthier revenues and margins; improved cashflow.